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KryptoKurrency can pull some website posts as feeds, but are willing to do this for general, informational use only (free) posts unless arrangements have been made (here). If the source website service (your site) is getting paid to promote articles, then the article should be created or posted through a promotional article or a prior arrangement should be made. Reduced rates MAY be available for promoting these articles. Options would be to prepay for a certain number of articles (10, 25, 50, etc) or pay 1, 3, 6 month, etc monthly flat rate, obviously allowing for you to make your fair share. If you are interested in submitting your website rss feed for publishing in our website, please fill out the information below. Please contact us if you need to setup a paid service to publish your promotional articles on our website.  Let us know how many articles typically get published (free or sponsored), and feel free to make an offer on our services to publish. Do not worry, the cost won’t be more than regular article submissions. Free is obviously… free. Just submit below.)

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