Minneapolis, MN March 22nd: The cryptocurrency-based trading platform is at the forefront of a milestone. Streamex is looking to disrupt the crypto-trading field by offering a superior world class product. Streamex has a secure, reliable, robust and comprehensive service that is the first of its kind.

“Current crypto-exchange platforms offer little to no groundbreaking features and rarely does a platform entice the market with new functionalities. Streamex changes that. Streamex launches an ICO to include the world in an opportunity to implement substantial changes to the crypto-exchange market.”

A large percentage of the cryptocurrency market can rarely address different levels of experience between the users. Streamex addresses this gap by creating a bridge between inexperience traders and trading gurus. The service contains many innovative features:

  • Social trading
  • Trade alerts
  • Streamfolio – a native iOS and Android application
  • Gamification and leaderboards
  • Reliable support including online chat
  • Fiat to crypto…

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Source: https://themerkle.com/streamex-trading-platform/