The Stellar Development Foundation has made a big hiring decision. On Thursday, the organization announced that its new CEO and Executive Director will be Denelle Dixon, who currently serves as COO of Mozilla. This is clearly a significant move, and Dixon has explained how her past work will help Stellar.

In her post, Dixon expresses her commitment to promoting net neutrality, allowing users to control their personal data, and maintaining integrity in commercial partnerships. Although the jump from a browser company to Stellar might seem big, those values all overlap with the crypto world, where user freedom is key.

The Mozilla Connection

Mozilla, meanwhile, has bid farewell to Dixon on its own website, where it praises the impact that she has had on the company and the partnerships that she has formed. However, Mozilla keeps its cards close to its chest in regards to cryptocurrency—the post reveals no clues regarding how the company feels about Stellar or blockchain tech in general.

Parallels must also be drawn with Brave…

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