Steemit has become well-known for popularizing crypto tipping by allowing users to donate Steem Dollars to their favorite authors. Many blockchain-based competitors have emerged, including Trybe and Minds, and now a new contender called Publish0x has gone live with a particularly enticing reward scheme.

Free Tipping and Rewards Back

One feature of Steemit that is not always mentioned is the fact that users who upvote posts and submit comments also get a slice of content rewards—authors do not receive the entirety of every reward. Publish0x is taking this to a new extreme by allowing users to get back as much as 80% of every tip.

And, just as with Steemit, users don’t have to buy tokens to begin with. Publish0x is sponsoring its own reward supply and allowing users to tip for free. Currently, the site itself is bearing the cost, but it plans to bring in revenue from external sponsorships in order to keep tips continuously free.

In the end, both Steemit and Publish0x are fairly similar. The main difference is that…

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