Bakkt, the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE) forthcoming cryptocurrency trading platform, will — in fact — feature Starbucks payments for users.


This is according to an anonymous source familiar with a deal between Bakkt and its early-stage partner, which will see the latter accept the service in payment for its in-store products.

The source was speaking to cryptocurrency news publication The Block and the information was subsequently confirmed by the publication’s founder, Mike Dudas, on social media.

“There’s high value from having a brand of this level,” the source commented about the implementation of Bakkt in Starbucks stores.

At the time Bakkt first became public knowledge in August 2018, the coffee giant caused a stir as a major ally of the project — which also has backing from Microsoft. Shortly afterward, however, Starbucks denied any suggestions that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency payments could become a reality for customers. “It is important to clarify that we are not…

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