When it comes to Switzerland, first of all, people have associations with first-class chocolate, delicious cheese, the most precise watches, multi-purpose knives and, of course, a safe place to keep money.

New Way of Holding Assets in Switzerland

Since the dawn of time Switzerland has been a banking paradise attracting more and more people, who want to keep their money in the country. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, Switzerland has decided to enter the list of advanced countries, taking an extremely friendly position regarding digital currencies because of their great potential.

It can be considered the most favourable jurisdiction for blockchain-oriented businesses at the moment. It is all caused by advanced legislation, quite low tax rates, high standard level of privacy and a developed banking industry.

One of the country’s administrative centres in Zug even has its own ‘crypto valley’, named Crypto Valley Association, which task is to create the most modern blockchain-ecosystems. Zug is a home for many…

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/stablecoin-cold-storage-backed-by-satoshis-simba-is-a-new-way-of-holding-assets-in-switzerland/