A speechwriter for former U.S. President George W. Bush and a bitcoin critic, David Frum has claimed that the low-interest rates are fueling the crypto asset’s rally. Frum suggests that the crypto asset might experience a “fast and deep price crash” if and when interest rates start to rise.

Institutional Interest in BTC

In comments made via Twitter, Frum, who regurgitates the BTC mining inefficiency claims, also attacks the crypto asset’s store of the value proposition. He states that of “all the pro-bitcoin arguments, surely the worst is the store against inflation.”

Speechwriter for Former US President George Bush Says BTC Rally Driven by 'Historically Low Interest Rates'

Still, despite this criticism, the crypto asset continues to gain support from institutional investors and large companies. For instance, electric carmaker Tesla, which recently amended its investment policy, revealed it had bought BTC worth $1.5 billion.

Furthermore, according to bitcointreasuries.org, the website that tracks companies or institutions that have…

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/speechwriter-for-former-us-president-george-bush-says-btc-rally-driven-by-historically-low-interest-rates/