Biggest ICO Winners and Losers: By The Numbers

As a follow-up to last week’s Bitcoinist article on sh*tcoins and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Bitcoinist looks at crypto researcher Steven Zheng’s numbers, successful-to-unsuccessful ICO ratio, and more. From Lowest to Highest Returns of Investment (ROI) Bolenum likely probably bound to fail

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Privacy Coins

Altcoins With over 50 privacy coins on the market, purveyors of anonymous transactions are spoilt for choice. This smorgasbord of privacy-centric coins can be a little overwhelming though. To help you pick the best of the bunch,

Anonymous Crypto Spectrecoin Now With Tor-obfs4 Integration – The Merkle

Spectrecoin was launched on November 20th of 2016, the first actively developed cryptocurrency with the whole network running entirely on the TOR network, hiding the participants IP addresses. Spectrecoin has recently released V1.33 and now includes what is known as