South By Southwest is a hotbed for the cross-pollination of ideas, which is exactly what the cryptocurrency industry needs.

In that same vein, SXSW 2019 was a ball of organized chaos, where attendees bounced around a wide variety of talks, company-sponsored bar tabs and themed bars, and meetings for a “quick cup of coffee or drink” at any hour of the day. The event was somehow beautifully organized, so hats off to the SXSW logistics team, for without them, Austin, Texas would likely devolve into drunken anarchy for part of March.

Alex and Steven take over SXSW (or at least this shrubbery-covered wall, for about thirty seconds)

The cryptocurrency track at SXSW was, like at most major multi-disciplinary conferences, relatively sparse in terms of attendance, but not in terms of interesting topics.

A few crowd favorites were topics such as:

“Money, Apathy, and Cryptography: The Fates of Internet Societies” by Clovyr Cofounder & CEO Amber Baldet, which focused on how cryptography and distributed systems are pushing back…

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