sony interested in security tokens

Japanese multinational group Sony has invested in Securitize through its venture capital fund SFV・GB L.P, which is co-managed by Sony Financial Ventures (SFV) and Global Brain. Securitize is a blockchain-oriented firm that helps businesses issue compliant security tokens.

Sony Joins Nomura, MUFG, and Santander to Invest in Securitize
The latest investment by SFV・GB an extension of Securitize’s recent funding round that raised over $14 from VC firms, including Nomura Holdings, MUFG Innovation Partners, Santander InnoVentures, and Blockchain Capital.
Securitize CEO and co-founder Carlos Domingo commented:
“The investment validates Securitize as one of the most important architects of digital capital markets while adding another marquee name to a growing list of companies who are investing in digital securities as the future of…

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