It’s been close to twelve months since we reported on the vast Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) universe built on top of the Bitcoin Cash chain. At the time, there were 2,700 unique SLP tokens created, and that’s increased by 217% during the last year with 8,585 SLP tokens created to-date. A number of different projects are leveraging the tokenization protocol, as Tether has announced using the SLP framework, a video game called “Enter the Sphere” has spawned, an SLP Lottery was created, and there’s now an SLP Foundation.

There’s a lot going on in the world. Especially with Covid-19 and as far as the global economy is concerned, and unfortunately, it’s stopped a number of people from paying attention to what’s being built using the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP). At the time of publication, there’s a whopping 8,585 SLP tokens today, 10,972 token burns (removed from existence), and approximately 34,255 SLP transactions.

Simple Ledger Protocol Universe Is Thriving: Lottery, Mint, ATMs, Over 8,500 SLP Tokens Created
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The last time, covered the SLP universe to a greater extent, there were…

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