Traders and enthusiasts who wish to stay informed about cryptocurrency price movements need easy to use software that can do the job. Simple Bitcoin Widget is an open source application that pulls market data for popular coins from major trading platforms to update you on the go.

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Free Widget Tracks Popular Cryptocurrencies

Simple Bitcoin Widget, developed for Android devices, has over 100,000 installs from the Google Play store. It is not a full application, which means it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable space on your phone. It’s also easy on your device’s battery life.

The software is capable of tracking around two dozen of the most popular coins including bitcoin cash, bitcoin core, ethereum, and litecoin. It can update you on their prices from over 80 cryptocurrency exchanges, including the largest digital asset platforms by trading volume such as Binance, Okex and Huobi.

Simple Bitcoin Widget Gives You Crypto Prices on the Go

Simple Bitcoin Widget is customizable and can…

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