Two of the world’s most infamous Bitcoin naysayers hit the headlines for the wrong reasons yet again May 6 amid global financial market turmoil.

Stiglitz: Crypto Attention ‘Disturbed Me’

As stocks plummeted on the back of fresh threats of a US-China trade war, Joseph Stiglitz, the former World Bank head who has recently become known for his distaste for cryptocurrency, said the whole phenomenon “should be shut down.”

“It disturbed me a great deal – the attention that was given to cryptocurrencies,” he told CNBC in an interview.

“Because those were moving things off of a transparent platform and into a dark platform.”

Stiglitz did not mention what specific period of “attention” he was referring to, or whether cryptocurrency, in general, should have remained out of the public spotlight.

He was speaking within the context of his ideas for shoring up the global economy, which, he says, should be done by making it entirely electronic.

The benefits, he continued, would be two-fold: reducing inefficiencies in…

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