Show Me the Money: Will Increased US Liquidity Flow into Bitcoin?

The US economy has seen a vast inflow of liquidity in the past decade, but none of that money has made its way into the real economy. Will it find its way to Bitcoin instead? 

Growing Liquidity Brings Optimism for 2020 Asset Performance
The increased liquidity, however, may have helped to boost Bitcoin (BTC) to its current valuations. And having excess money to boost asset bubbles may continue to support bitcoin.
Gabor Gurbacs, digital asset strategist at Van Eck, noted the discrepancy between growing money supply and a lowered velocity of money.

While M2 money stock doubled (+$8 trillion) since the financial crisis, M2 money velocity (rate at which people spend money) decreased 30%. It appears that newly minted money (QE/stimulus) doesn't really make it's way to the economy/spending. Where is the money? Why print more?…

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