Can ETH Reach The $200 Mark?

The past few months brought a shift in the behavior of the crypto market itself, as well as numerous different individual coins. Among them, there is Ethereum, which started 2019 by taking back its spot as the second largest cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Cash Price Continues Bullrun as $320 Value is Surpassed

As the day progresses, the cryptocurrency market momentum seems to shift at random intervals. Hourly charts start to look very bearish once again, although the daily chart is still pretty solid right now. The Bitcoin Cash price is still going

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Shadowing Bitcoin Price Action

The past week was quite entertaining and clearly, there has been a monumental shift in investor sentiment. Let’s take a look at Ethereum price analysis as ETH and BTC appear to be taking a breather in preparation for the next

Tom Lee: Bitcoin ‘Fair Value’ is $14,000 Right Now

Tom Lee of Fundstrat Global Advisors believes that the fair value of Bitcoin is around $14,000. The research chief and managing partner at Fundstrat also says that the old Bitcoin whales are back and have begun to buy back massively

Bitcoin (BTC) Surge is a Nail in the Coffin, Says Crypto Insider

Ikigai founder and a former Point72 Asset Management executive, Travis Kling, called the recent Bitcoin price surge “nail in the coffin.” King made his remarks during an interview with Yahoo Finance on April 2. He said: “The likelihood that we’re

Dogecoin Price Gains Over 17% as the Pump is in Full Effect

When Dogecoin decides to turn bullish, it usually does so in a rather decisive manner. Today appears to be one of those days when there is no holding back the meme currency of the internet whatsoever. In fact, it would

Can Blockchain Dramatically Change the Educational System?

With the advent of the Internet, it was clear that education was about to go through a significant paradigm shift and shift it did. In our connected world, the portrait of the modern classroom has been truly transformed. Over time,

Top 3 Predictions for the Crypto Space to Keep an Eye on

The financial industry is currently experiencing a massive shift, maybe one of the biggest in history. The shift started a long time ago, but as years went by, it started getting more and more heated, instead of being just a