Send an Ethereum NFT to your Valentine, Without Paying Gas!

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This Valentine’s Day, we’re giving away free, customizable NFTs that you can send to your valentine. Stored permanently on the blockchain, these NFTs are an everlasting token of affection.

The best part? It’s completely free, and you don’t need a wallet to send or receive it (though Metamask works if you have one).

Send one to your partner. Send one to your mum. Send one to that uber driver who won’t stop talking about crypto.

With up to 10 NFTs sendable per user, you’ve got enough room to spread the love. Not to mention, the claiming process is so easy, you could even send it to your grandmother.

How does it work?

Go to to customise and send your NFT. Your valentine will then receive an email saying that they’ve received a token of your affection, with a link to collect their gift. Upon clicking the link, they will be directed to the claiming page, where they will see their customised NFT, your personalised message. Meanwhile, we’ll automatically detect their Metamask wallet and drop the NFT into it. If they don’t have a wallet, we’ll create a custodial wallet for them and drop the NFT there. It’s that easy!

Mintable’s Claimable NFTs, Powered by Gasless Minting Technology

Our Valentine’s day claimable NFTs are minted on Ethereum, and are 100% free to claim because they’re minted using our proprietary Gasless Minting technology.

Unlike lazy minting, which simply defers the actual minting and associated gas fees to the time of purchase, Mintable’s gasless minting is true minting, without any gas fees, on the Ethereum mainnet.

How does it work? It’s Mintable magic. Smart contract sorcery. Basically, it’s an innovative way to mint NFTs on Ethereum without submitting a transaction, which means no gas fees, and no transaction limits. We can mint on Ethereum at scale, for free.

If you’d like to create your own claimable NFTs, visit Mintology, the B2B arm of Mintable, provides gasless minting solutions for enterprises. Using Mintology’s services or API, any business can easily create and launch a unique NFT campaign, whether it’s for a special occasion, promotional event, or anything else.

Spread the word, and spread the love.

An NFT is forever <3

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