The Southern District Court of Florida case, Kleiman v. Wright, continues to be one of the 10 most monitored court dockets in the state. On April 28, the Kleiman estate’s legal team responded to Wright’s most recent motion to dismiss the case by claiming that Wright submitted a forgery as evidence and allege the fraudulent imitation was created one year after David Kleiman’s death.

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Kleiman Estate Believes Wright Took Over $11 Billion Worth of Bitcoins and Intellectual Property

The Kleiman v. Wright case continues in Florida this week as Craig Wright’s legal team recently attempted a motion to dismiss the case after Ira Kleiman’s recent deposition. The notorious case was filed by the Kleiman family in February 2018 because they believe the now deceased David Kleiman lost his bitcoin inheritance due to manipulative acts allegedly committed by Wright. The Kleiman estate thinks David may have been one of the

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