Veteran cryptographer and Segregated Witness (SegWit) inventor Pieter Wuille has become the latest high-profile figure to participate in the Bitcoin Lightning Network’s Lightning torch event.

‘We Wouldn’t Be Here Without You’

Wuille, whom many regard as instrumental in Bitcoin’s success, saw considerable positive feedback as he ‘took’ the Lightning Network (LN) Torch — a gesture which has gained significant prestige since it launched in January.

A transaction relay at its heart, Lightning Torch involves ‘passing around’ a Bitcoin transaction using the Lightning Network, with each custodian adding a nominal sum of 10,000 satoshis ($0.387) before forwarding it elsewhere.

The project has become a symbol of the borderless and increasingly easy-to-use Bitcoin payment platform, and the LN Torch has now gone around the world — to countries including the US and, more recently, Iran.

“Honored to have you participating Pieter! Thanks for all you have done. We wouldn’t be here without you,” the Torch’s…

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