More Banks Sanctioned for AML, Fraud-Related Violations

News When societies discuss cryptocurrencies, the argument that the decentralized and unregulated nature of the crypto space leaves the door open to abuse, like money laundering and financial fraud, is often put forward by officials and authorities. However, a string

Reserve Bank of India Anticipates Shift to P2P Crypto Trading

Regulation India’s central bank has released its latest annual report which includes a section dedicated to cryptocurrency. The Reserve Bank of India outlines the risks posed by crypto and emphasizes the need to monitor crypto development in anticipation that some

Bitcoin: Alleged Bitconnect Pyramid Scheme Boss Arrested

Police arrested Divyesh Darji, an alleged leader of BitConnect—a sketchy, now-defunct Bitcoin trading operation blasted by critics as a Ponzi scheme—at Delhi airport on Saturday, according to local news reports. He had arrived on a flight from Dubai in the

Bullion bulls: This app turns gold into a digital currency

Chances are you’re not lugging a heavy, gold brick into a coffee shop to buy your daily cup of joe. But one financial technology company based in London is making it possible to satisfy your caffeine fix, or purchase countless

Mining Operations Offered to India After Mixed Signals from Beijing

Mining Members of the Indian crypto community have received offers to set up mining facilities after reports of potentially negative developments for miners in China. According to local media, businesses are already exploring such opportunities as India

Bitcoin is still a good bet as long as greater fools are buying

In 2011 a friend of mine — a brilliant college graduate from a top university — worked on hardware and coding projects for MarketPsych. To save money he lived in his car in Venice Beach, Calif., near our office.  He’s a free spirit

The Rupee Coin Utilizes Blockchain Technology and Will Become The Cryptocurrency of Choice In India And South Asia · November 29, 2017 · 2:30 pm Rupee Coin is a decentralized open-source blockchain cryptocurrency and has no relation to fiat rupee currencies (backed and issued by their respective governments). The Rupee Cryptocurrency is seen as a major disruptor