Rumors suggesting that Tezos plans to hire EOS creator Dan Larimer are beginning to circulate. Since EOS outranks Tezos by an incredibly large margin, and since the two projects are directly competing, such a move would be almost unfathomable. Indeed, the rumors are largely unfounded, and all talk seems to have been borne out of a tense Twitter argument.

Rumors Sparked On Twitter

Rumors of Larimer’s recruitment began after Emin Gün Sirer, a Cornell professor and Tezos advisor, criticized a design flaw that allowed the theft of 2.09 million EOS to take place. Brendan Blumer, the CEO of EOSIO, quickly retorted that Tezos actually appears to admire EOS’s construction:

“With all [due] respect, if EOS is so poorly designed, why is Tezos actively trying to hire [Dan Larimer] to build your protocol, also based on Dan’s DPOS inventions?”

Attached to Blumer’s tweet is an email which indicates that the Tocqueville Group, a new Tezos startup, recently attempted to recruit Larimer:

“Hey Daniel, I’m searching for a CTO…

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