TheMerkle Arizona Taxes Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency portfolio tracking solutions will only become more popular over time. Especially offerings providing accounting solutions have great merit.

Rotki is one of the applications well worth keeping an eye on.

Rotki Prioritizes DeFi Tax Reporting Solutions

More specifically, this is an open source tracking solution for cryptocurrency portfolios.

It also grants access to accounting, analytics, and tax reporting features for users all over the world. 

So far, this solution has proven to be incredibly valuable, but there is still room for improvement.

The team wants to keep the project funding, which is always a challenge.

Given the steep amount of feature requests pending, it is evident that a helping hand would be more than welcome.

Through additional funding, there may be more than a part-time commitment from the current developers.

It also appears that Rotki will support ethereum-based DeFi solutions in the future.

Given the popularity of that concept, it is crucial for users to keep tabs on their portfolio, earnings,…

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