Ross Ulbricht, serving life without parole for allegedly running the Silk Road marketplace, hasn’t allowed his detention to deprive him from monitoring bitcoin’s price action. In a new blog series titled Bitcoin by Ross, Ulbricht reveals that he is closely attuned to BTC’s price movements, and shares some suggestions as to where the market might be headed next.

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Bitcoin Analysis Without the Noise

There are few advantages to being locked up in a maximum security facility, but one unexpected benefit is being able to monitor bitcoin minus the noise of crypto Twitter that can color attempts at analysis. Ross Ulbricht has used this edge to construct an analysis of bitcoin’s price movements over the last decade, and to predict where the cryptocurrency might be headed next.

Ross Ulbricht Uses Elliot Waves to Predict Bitcoin’s Trajectory From Behind Bars

In the first six installments of Bitcoin by Ross, the Silk Road founder explains Elliot Wave Theory, and how it can be applied to bitcoin. The series starts by answering a question that…

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