Former Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, says that a Bitcoin ban is highly unlikely and that the dollar’s demise is inevitable. 

Ron Paul: ‘Dollar is Going to Self-Destruct’

Former US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul recently attended the crypto Consensus conference in New York as a guest of the Digital Asset Policy Network. During his visit the retired politician and godfather of the modern right-wing Libertarian movement spoke about the death of the dollar and Bitcoin’s growth as a disruptive and sovereign asset.

Speaking in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine Dr. Paul stated that he wasn’t technically minded but has been fascinated by Bitcoin, its market action and wild price swings. He added that Bitcoin offers an alternative to the current financial system and that he strongly advocates a free market place.

Proposed Bitcoin Ban Highly Unlikely

Earlier this month Congressman Brad Sherman called for an outright ban on Bitcoin stating at the time;

I look for colleagues to join with me in introducing a bill to outlaw…

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