Robinhood Emerges as a Major Bitcoin Holder: What This Means for the Cryptocurrency Market

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Robinhood: The Third Largest Bitcoin Holder Globally

According to data from Arkham Intelligence cited by CoinDesk, Robinhood (HOOD-US) holds over $3.2 billion worth of Bitcoin, ranking it as the third-largest Bitcoin holder globally.

How Robinhood Compares to Other Big Players

Robinhood’s Bitcoin holdings are surpassed only by Binance and Bitfinex, with respective holdings of $6.4 billion and $4.3 billion in Bitcoin.

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Asset Movement: Robinhood’s Wallet Activity

Within a span of three months, CoinDesk data reveals that Robinhood has transferred approximately 118,000 Bitcoins from smaller wallets to its main wallet.

Financial Performance: A Mixed Bag

Despite releasing disappointing Q2 financial results and losing about 1 million monthly active users in three months, Robinhood achieved its first profitable quarter, maintaining market attention.

A Dip in Trading Revenue

Interestingly, Robinhood’s trading revenue declined by 7% to $193 million. Revenue from cryptocurrency, options, and stocks decreased by 18%, 5%, and 7% respectively.

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Bitcoin’s Surge: The Grayscale Effect

On August 29, Grayscale filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to convert its Bitcoin trust into an ETF. A judge ruled in Grayscale’s favor, sparking a 5% surge in Bitcoin prices.

Market Speculation: ETFs and Beyond

Traders are now speculating that the ruling in favor of Grayscale might pave the way for the SEC to approve numerous Bitcoin Spot ETF applications, which experts claim would boost Bitcoin’s price.

Long-Term Outlook: The Halving Event in 2024

Some strategists believe that due to the Bitcoin halving event in April 2024, Bitcoin’s price could surge to six figures, driven by a scarcity effect.

A Conservative Estimate: Bitcoin’s Future Price

Joe Kelly, CEO of Unchained Financial, predicts that if Bitcoin maintains around $30,000 before the halving, it could still see a 250% rise in the following 12 months, potentially reaching $105,000.

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