Robinhood Crypto Trading App Sets Sights on UK Traders

Robinhood, the trading app which took the finance world by storm in the US, is now eyeing expansion to the UK. The app became extremely popular by making trading and investing with no fees accessible to millenials.

Making stocks seem cool to younger investors
Robinhood is an innovative trading app that allows investors to open a savings account, purchase stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies, with no fees, all from a smartphone. The app launched in 2015 and changed the landscape for online brokerages.
Before Robinhood, every online brokerage charged fees. After Robinhood, most brokerages were forced to drop fees to compete, and they have also had to innovate on new streams of revenue, to make up for lost fees.
Robinhood has always had a Silicon Valley style, move fast and break things kind of approach, which has caused them regulatory…

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