Ripple's XRP 'Expected to See a Major Devaluation': Boom Bust Anchor

In a recent episode of Boom Bust, anchor Christy Ai, stated that we’re “expected to see a major devaluation” of Ripple’s XRP asset, following a discussion about the company’s IPO announcement.

XRP is ‘Not Worth’ its Current Price
Based on Ripple’s generation of financing over the years by selling actual XRP, the IPO may strike a blow against the value of the native cryptocurrency. Recent news commentary raised doubts whether $0.22 was fair value for XRP. Boom Bust Anchor, Christy Ai, asserted that traders are not using XRP for its utility, they’re primarily interested in speculative future gains.
Right now, half the people at XRP they are not using it for the actual utility, they are holding it like an investment. Back when it ballooned to $3, or even now when it’s at $0.22, that value as a utility token, it’s not worth $0.22. So…

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