XRP is one of the top three cryptocurrencies on the market, and due to its status, there are many services and Image result for ripple logomerchants where you can make Ripple payments.

Of course, there are currently over 780 online shops and services where you can pay with Ripple, but we will only include a few of them in our article.


CryptoShopper logoCryptoShopper

CryptoShopper is an e-commerce platform where you can find a wide variety of Bitcoin and crypto-related items and products, such as t-shirts, XRP fidget spinners, mugs, pins, and other accessories.

Through its CoinGate integration, CryptoShopper is able to accept XRP as payment in addition to a number of other cryptocurrencies. Currently, over 20 tokens are now accepted at this shop.

Eatmeclothing.com logoEat me!

Eat me! is a clothing store based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which sells a diversity of quickly and fashionable clothing. They opened their online shop in 2017.

Their products are manufactured in Latvia and the USA to offer improved prices, quality, and shipping.
Eat me! is known for selling unique and colorful women…

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