Equilibrium is the multi-chain framework for DeFi products and asset-backed stablecoins like EOSDT. This article explains how you can benefit from multiple levels of rewards within Equilibrium’s EOSDT model. Users can receive these rewards by staking EOS collateral (via the EOSDT Gateway) or by staking NUT tokens to the EOSDT governance contract (via the EOSDT voting system). We will cover how this works by explaining the system’s revenue streams, and give examples to help you benefit from the associated rewards.

The first thing you should know is that all revenue streams are fully distributed to users who staked EOS or NUT in EOSDT’s smart contracts. 90% of all revenue goes to EOS stakers and 10% goes to NUT stakers. Users receive income proportional to their stakes. As of this writing, they could get 12.23% APR on every NUT staked and 1.66% APR on every EOS deposited into the EOSDT collateral pool. 

Reward revenue streams:

  1. Block producer rewards
  2. REX revenue
  3. Liquidated EOS collateral

ewards from Block…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/rewards-for-staking-with-equilibriums-eosdt/