Review: The Corazon Trezor by Gray Is Made of Titanium

Hardware wallets don’t have to look beautiful – they just have to work. The Corazon by Gray is a silver titanium device that happens to deliver on both counts. USB hardware has never looked or felt so good in your hand. All that brushed metal and angular chic comes at a price though, which in the case of this Trezor on pretty pills starts at $695.

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The Corazon Will Steal Your Heart But Hurt Your Wallet

Owning a designer hardware wallet presents something of a quandary. Like a tattoo in an intimate place, it should only be seen by a trusted few, but after eyeballing your 12th vodka shot, you want to show everyone. A hardware wallet is a special thing you should keep to yourself, but the Corazon doesn’t make that easy. This is the sort of gadget you could wear around your neck with a fat platinum chain. This isn’t a 90s hip-hop video though and if you walk the streets wearing the Corazon as a fashion accessory you’re gonna have a bad…

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