Bitcoin rare block double spend

The Bitcoin network has seen its first stale block event since October 2019 resulting in a $3 double spend. With mining difficulty at an all-time high (ATH) and hash rate distributed among major players, Bitcoin mining is even now more competitive than ever.

Bitcoin Network Produces First Stale Block Since Oct 2019
According to BitMEX Research, two Bitcoin mining pools discovered a transaction block at the same time. In its tweet published on Monday (January 27, 2019), BitMEX Research revealed the stale block occurred at block height 614,732 with Poolin and Bitmain’s the two competing mining pools.

Bitcoin had a stale block today, at height 614,732.
* Size: 0.97 MB, Time: 05:37:37UTC, Miner:* Stale block – Size: 0.98 MB, Time: 05:37:56UTC, Miner Poolin
This is the first stale…

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