One of the key executive of R3, Jesse Edwards, who co-founded the blockchain consortium back in 2014 has called it quits.

Edwards is Setting Out on his Own

Edwards, who is a former investment banker held a key position in the firm, along with his other co-founders, CEO David Rutter and ex-Standard Chartered executive Todd McDonald.
According to an unnamed source, he has been working on “a side fund targeted for $50 million to $60 million,”. This side fund is reportedly similar in kind to the various funds for Dfinity and Tezos.

Regarding his resignation from the firm,
Edwards recently stated that:

“It’s true that my work here is done and it is time to move on. This has been one of the best experiences of my professional career, and I am incredibly privileged to have worked alongside such a talented and passionate team in building this business. R3 has broken away as the market leader and standout partner of choice for professionals looking to apply this technology to their industries. I couldn’t be prouder.”


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