March was an extremely busy month. Luckily, we managed to get yet another community member on board to help out the Omega team: say hi to ben75, our Qupla IntelliJ plug-in creator! Benoit will be working on IXI modules at first, while keeping the IntelliJ plug-in up-to-date as well.


The latest version is now the 0.6 release. Lukas introduced a first version of Economic Clustering (EC) in Ict to be able to test out some of the ideas around EC, and also added the Environment-Entity-Effect (EEE) message passing model that was spearheaded by the Qubic team, which is central to Abra and the Qubic Computation Model. As usual the community was enthusiastically involved and helped iron out bugs and discussed interesting ideas.


Benoit jumped right into the IXI world by getting acquainted with Ict/IXI and started working on the serialization.IXI, which will provide a simple way to store/exchange structured data on the tangle. Lukas started working on the report.IXI, that can report node information to external services. Samuel…

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