Report: Indian Government Panel Submits Cryptocurrency Recommendations

Regulation The Indian government panel appointed to recommend cryptocurrency measures has reportedly submitted its report to the country’s finance minister, suggesting a new legal framework for cryptocurrencies. The actual content of the report has yet to be announced publicly. Industry

Indian Government Expects to Finalize Cryptocurrency Bill Next Month

Regulation The Indian government has reportedly filed an affidavit with the country’s supreme court detailing its progress on cryptocurrency regulations. “Serious efforts are going on” to prepare the draft crypto bill and report, the government explained. The two are expected

ZebPay Leaves India for Malta After Regulations Crippled Its Business

Zebpay, once India’s biggest Bitcoin payment processor, has announced its move to Malta after its business was ‘crippled’ due to unfavorable laws and regulations. Lack of Banking Support ‘Crippled’ Our Business According to Quartz India, the Singapore-based Zebpay has set

India Searches for Ethereum Over Bitcoin

Featured For nearly half a year, India’s crypto enthusiasts have been searching for the cryptocurrency ethereum (ETH) over bitcoin (BTC). At the end of February, researchers confirmed ETH searches were twice as likely over BTC. Could the