Ernst & Young, the court-appointed monitor in the Quadrigacx saga, released a report on March 1 which shows that cold wallets known to have been used by the Canadian exchange have been without funds since April 2018. The latest twist adds some clarity to a mystery that has held Quadrigacx customers spellbound, hoodwinked into believing Gerald Cotten had supposedly died with the keys to their $190 million fortune.

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6 Empty Cold Wallets Identified

Accountants Ernst & Young identified six cold storage addresses used by Quadrigacx to store cryptocurrency in the past, the Toronto Star reported on March. 2. Five of those wallets have been empty since April 2018. The report detailed how a sixth wallet “appears to have been used to receive bitcoin from another cryptocurrency exchange account and subsequently transfer bitcoin to the Quadriga hot wallet” on Dec. 3.

The only other transaction, as disclosed last month, was when…

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