With massive earthquakes and a possible Tsunami warning for Puerto Rico, Bitcoin (BTC) billionaires like Brock Pierce have an opportunity to make good on promises made to transform the Caribbean island.

Time for Bitcoin Billionaires in Puerto Rico to Put Words to Action
The U.S. Geological Survey says another earthquake hit Puerto Rico on Tuesday (January 7, 2020). Tuesday’s 6.4 magnitude tremor follows a 5.8 magnitude shock that ripped through the island on Monday (January 6, 2020).
According to CNN, Puerto Rico’s Electric Power Authority is reporting power outages across the island as the tremors have triggered emergency protection protocols in many electric power stations.
Back in 2017, following the decimation of Hurricane María, Brock Pierce and several other Bitcoin billionaires moved to Puerto Rico promising to revamp the island’s infrastructure while enjoying massive tax holidays.
At the time, the group of crypto billionaires reportedly wished to create a cryptocurrency utopia in Puerto Rico — transforming the island into…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/puerto-rico-suffers-2-earthquakes-will-its-bitcoin-billionaires-help-out/