The Xx network is designed to allow people to communicate and exchange value without revealing any information to intrusive government agencies or companies that collect and sell personal data. It was created by Dr. David Chaum, a world-renowned cryptographer and privacy advocate. The public sale of the Xx coin that powers the network is now live.

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Xx Public Sale Is Now Live

The initial Xx coin public sale started on 23 January, and will close when the target cap of $15 million is reached or on 19 February, 2020. This digital token is designed to support and incentivize the Xx network, the privacy-protecting blockchain led by Dr. David Chaum, founder of the Elixxir and Praxxis projects which underpin the decentralized ecosystem. The platform will support decentralized messaging, payments, and apps, and was designed in response to growing public concern for user privacy and online security.

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