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Key Takeaways

  • Proud Lions Club is a collection of 7,777 highly detailed, digitally hand-painted Ethereum-based Lions and Lionesses. 
  • Holders get exclusive access to a travel club membership featuring luxury travel arrangements, paybacks in Ethereum and holidays, staking token rewards, and travel discounts. 
  • Use Crypto payments to book holiday packages and contribute to developing countries that rely on tourism.

What is Proud Lions Club?

Highlighting a collection of 7,777 powerful lions and lionesses, the Proud Lions Club boasts a life-time travel club membership program. Holding a travel NFT grants you access to exclusive access to a travel club membership. This membership includes luxury travel arrangements, travel discounts, and staking rewards. 

With the team harnessing 35 years of expertise in travel and tourism, holders will gain travel experiences like no other. 

During an interview, Amal Perera, the founder shared that he aspires to differentiate his collection from others by contributing back to society. 

The Proud Lions Club team focuses on three ethical measures:

  • Social impact: Helping countries that rely on tourism for more than 80% or more of their GDP – starting with Sri Lanka
  • Women empowerment: Employing female artists, writers, and influencers from diverse backgrounds. Also, collaborating with a Sri Lankan-based charity organization to provide education and skill training to women 
  • Supporting artists: Leveraging a portion of their equity to offer help and handle the technicals to designers, painters, digital artists, and performing artists 

The Proud Lions Club is a trusted choice. Their collection has been officially verified by prominent players such as NFT Calendar, Rarity Sniper, and Alpha VeriFi. Other partners include Red Apple Travel, Enchanting Ceylon, Dr, and more. 

Creating the Story – Why Lions?

As ‘King of the Jungle,’ Perera and his team identified Lions as the perfect mascots. These mascots symbolize a sense of a majestic presence, empowering holders to act upon their beliefs. 

A selected few within the collection accents custom animated backgrounds, Sri Lankan traits as well as pop culture trending traits. The entire collection boasts over 169 unique, digitally painted characteristics.  

Each travel NFT has its unique set of traits distributed over a rarity pyramid consisting of five rarity levels: Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omega. 

A Matrix-themed Proud Lions Club NFT

Male lions are carefully handcrafted and curated by mastermind artist Asad Farook, while lionesses are designed by Prasangi Kulasinghe. Both are skilled artists, with close to a dozen years of experience in the industry.

The team envisions catalyzing significant changes in the travel club membership NFT space and representing their home country — Sri Lanka — by giving back to the community by supporting local women and artists. 


Now, how do Proud Lions NFT holders get rewarded? Benefits will range between real-world and Web 3.0 utility. 

Real-world utility

Travel club membership and other perks:

  • Future of tourism: Favorable deals with hotels, travel guides, and other partners
  • Travel utility: Exclusive deals on VIP travel and occasional lucky draws to Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and more
  • Membership plan: VIP travel opportunities, free consultations for projects, and educational resources such as their NFT and Crypto Academy 
  • Launchpad: A job-matching platform for holders to showcase their skills and experiences to find professional opportunities 
  • Merchandise: Upcoming drops on Proud Lions Club merchandise such as t-shirts and caps

Web 3.0 utility

Metaverse and virtual benefits:

  • Morphing System: Holders can combine 2 Omega (Common) Proud Lion NFTs with a third Gene NFT to create a rarer version 
    • Gene NFTs can be acquired through Twitter/Discord games and giveaways or bought through the secondary market
  • The Lionverse: A cross-platform, multi-chain space that hosts multiple projects featuring Play-to-Earn (P2E) aspects. Try it here.
  • A specially curated Otherdeed Otherside Land: Owned by Yuga Labs, the company behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, the land will showcase interactive games and a unique 3D gallery of tourist destinations. 
  • The Community Wallet: A multi-sig community wallet using Gnosis safe will require 5 of 7 wallet approvals for any transaction.
  • Staking + STK token: Staking an NFT earns holders tradable ‘Steak’ Tokens (STK), which accumulates daily based on the NFT’s rarity.
    • Proud Lions Club has partnered with Shuna Inuverse, a well-established ERC-20 token.  
    • Steak Tokens will have future utility in the metaverse, within the P2E game, and for merchandise.
  • Breeding: Holders will have the option of breeding their lions and lionesses, receiving a Gen 2 NFT as a reward 
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): The DAO will allow STK Token holders to determine the direction and have a say in the roadmap of Proud Lions Club 
  • Lionverse VR: A play-to-earn VR game will eventually be launched in the metaverse. Holders can earn and use the Steak Tokens to transact in-game.

What’s Next – “A New Breed of Travel NFTs”

In an ideal world, you would have the option to check in to your hotel and tourist destination with an NFT. This is what the Proud Lions Club’s team strives towards – by holding an NFT, you will have immediate access to VIP tours at a discounted rate. 

Holders can look forward to staking their NFTs on July 21, 2022. Upcoming roadmap releases include art competitions, breeding their NFTs for a Gen 2 version, and utilizing their Steak Tokens with the Shuna Inuverse.

Upcoming Events

Mint details

Mint is currently live for the public, at a discounted rate of 0.09 ETH. The date for the next public sale of a total of 500 NFTs will be announced. You can mint a Proud Lions Club NFT at 0.1 ETH. 

Follow the Proud Lions Twitter for live drops and updates.

Disclosure: This project’s information was last updated on June 30, 2022, and might be subject to further changes. This is a promotional piece and not financial advice. Potential buyers are expected to exercise due diligence and do their research.

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