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Nukes by Primary Nature is the third NFT collection created by the founders of CrazySkullz, which embodies a strong manifesto against war and nuclear arming. It is a fine art project that incorporates play-to-earn mechanics, staking, land plot ownership and royalties distribution for holders.

Let’s take a closer look at the Nukes NFTs:

Nukes NFTs

From left to right – The Plutonium General, Radioactive Beast, and Hazard Warrior

The Nukes NFTs are reminiscent of the CrazySkullz collection, but with a darker, more toxic, post-apocalyptic edge. Each NFT has its own personality, backed by powerful lore that paints an immersive picture of the world in which they live.

More than just another PFP project, Nukes is an author collection where the two concepts of “nuclear war” and “nature” have been amazingly illustrated by the talented digital artist, Primary Nature. He viewed the natural elements as the RESISTANCE and the military elements as the OPPRESSOR, and by virtue of war and chaos that was released on Earth, the resulting creations fall on the spectrum between these two camps: mixed up and combined through the horrors of nuclear war and fallout. When the bombs go off, all the different bits and pieces got mashed together in any number of combinations.

Meet the Nukes NFT Artist, Primary Nature

Primary Nature is a new addition to the CrazySkullz team. He met the team when he became a holder and member of the CrazySkullz project, and impressed them with his outstanding creativity and vision. Instantly, they knew he was THE ONE to bring Nukes to life.

Here’s his vision for the Nukes project:

“War is gritty and dirty and this is what drew me to the idea of including textures and an approach that was the opposite of a flat style. Lots of detail and light and shadow was important in creating a look that had depth and interest.

My concept came to life in deciding to create a mixture of natural elements with military objects and motifs. On the natural side I have drawn inspiration from animals and plants and on the military side from both weapons and camouflage and also because of our modern era I had to include some robot type characters and masks.

I viewed the natural elements as the resistance and the military elements as the oppressor and by virtue of war being chaos the resulting creations fall on the spectrum between these two camps, mixed up and combined through the horrors of a nuclear war and fallout. When the bombs go off, all the different bits and pieces get mashed together in any number of combinations.

This gives us the Nukes collection, from resistor to aggressor and everything in between.

Inspired by Nature, Nukes NFTs

My approach to the art was to gather research and also to comb through all my raw material from my nature photography and take inspiration from what I could find. The result is a melting pot of natural and artificial creations.

In my own personal work, where I view nature through my own digital lens and skills. I bring the natural world together with the endless possibilities of the digital realm and set out to show the viewer what I see in the world around me. Patterns and colours and textures jump out at me everywhere I go and what I like most is to bring attention to the beauty and intricacies that are, more often than not, overlooked when we are going through our lives day to day.

Nature is the greatest artist we have ever known and through my own artistic practice as Primary Nature, I am creating my own interpretations of her magic. She is a limitless well of inspiration for me and continues to inspire awe every day, wherever I go. My work is an offering to her and a meditation for me and it keeps me connected to the environment around me.

For this I am forever grateful for the path I am on.  

Much love, luck and respect,

Primary Nature.”

Nukes NFT Roadmap

The Nukes NFT Roadmap shows what holders can look forward to at various stages of minting.

15% – NFT project with carbon neutrality – we will plant 1 tree for each NFT sold or claimed from the “NUKES by Primary Nature” collection. This will help to reduce the CO2 impact over the world and will protect the soil and biodiversity.

30% – $BONES listed on DEX Uniswap. Our utility token will be listed on Uniswap with the pairing $BONES/$WRLD.

50% –  Poker Tournament series dedicated for Holders: 5 tournaments with 1ETH prize pool for each. We have already established a partnership with Coinpoker, one of the best crypto poker platforms in the world. More info about this here: 〉how-to-play 

65% –  Each Genesis NUKES  will receive a free CAR or MOTORCYCLE that can be used in SkullCity. In the future, we will create more assets like vehicles, weapons, skins that will be bought by using $BONES.

80% – Each NUKES holder will be allowed to claim his own FREE parcel in one of our NFTWorlds.

100% – We will allocate 80 ETH for buying NFTWorlds. All the $WRLD rewards from staking/renting/P2E the NFTWorlds will be distributed to NUKES  holders. 

AFTER SOLD OUT – 80% Royalties will be used to purchase other NFTWorlds and expand our portfolio to be able to generate more $WRLD tokens for our holders.

  • 20% of royalties will be used for marketing and partnerships to help us grow even bigger.
  • We will host an auction with our 1/1 NUKES NFTs and all the money that we’ll be raised will be donated to the victims of the Ukraine conflict

For more information, check out the Nukes Whitepaper:

Why We’re Bullish On Nukes NFT

The CrazySkullz team has a great track record for creating NFT projects with unique art and engaging utility. As demonstrated through their NFT previews and project roadmap, this latest collection with artist Primary Nature is poised to take the CrazySullz ecosystem to the next level.

Awesome artwork, immersive world-building, engaging utility, and attractive rewards await those who mint Nukes NFTs. So what are you waiting for?

Mint date TBA – stay tuned for updates and follow Nukes on Twitter and Discord now!

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