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Bump Article – Month


<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>Price shown above in fiat are based on a base price in USD but payment will be accepted in whichever cryptocurrency coin/tokens you choose during checkout. Changing a currency now is only for informational purposes. <a style=”color: #ffffff; font-weight: bold;” href=”https://nowpayments.io/supported-coins?link_id=3259574924″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>View accepted cryptocurrencies here</a>. Actual amount may vary due to fluctuating market prices.</span>



Single instance of a bump for your article per <strong>month</strong> for each amount purchased. Multiple amounts may be purchased.

Bump your article to the top of the Featured list. This also bumps it to the top of the regular articles list. If you purchase multiple quantities, the article will be bumped to the top once per month until the quantity is satisfied.