Bitcoin price bottom has come and gone, some of the industry’s best-known experts are now saying as sentiment changes from bearish to bullish in 2019.

Mahmudov Reveals Bitcoin Price Bull Cycle

Up until recently, prominent Bitcoin market analyst Murad Mahmudov was bearish on BTC/USD, saying he doesn’t expect a new bull-run until Q2 2020.

But Mahmudov has now joined those who believe the price of bitcoin 00 will only move higher henceforth, formally declared his new stance this past weekend.

Speaking on the Easter episode of the Understanding Bitcoin podcast hosted by veteran trader Tone Vays, Mahmudov identified two key metrics suggesting the next bull run has already begun.

Those were the 200-day moving average and 200-day median Bitcoin price.

“We tried plumbing the 200-day median and… when that median is broke, that usually signifies… either the late stages of accumulation or the early stages of the next bull cycle,” he…

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