Bastyon’s messaging app would include end-to-end encryption, no link to phone number or any other metadata making it the most private messenger.

Pocketnet, the social network based on proof-of-stake blockchain technology, enters a new phase of growth by changing its name to Bastyon and by releasing a brand new private messaging component.

This new crypto chat app contains state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption and will not use any personally identifiable information from the user. One of the most interesting features of this messenger is its ability to send crypto payments just like any other message.

The Bastyon network now includes:

  • a decentralized social network app
  • a decentralized video and live-streaming platform
  • a private messenger app that is also… you guessed it… decentralized

The underlying blockchain containing all the data used by Bastyon is still named PocketNet and the network token that is used to compensate node operators and network participants is still the PocketCoin (PKOIN). The newly…

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