Accepting cryptocurrency payments in your store doesn’t require specialist hardware or complex integration – Paytomat is proof. The crypto payment gateway enables merchants to accept 18 cryptocurrencies including BCH using their existing equipment. To date, hundreds of brick and mortar stores across four continents have added crypto support using Paytomat.

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Hassle-Free Crypto Payments at the Point of Sale

Over the last two years, Paytomat has quietly been making a name for itself as an accomplished crypto PoS solution. From its base in Europe, the company has spread its wings and now lists hundreds of stores in countries as diverse as Venezuela, Netherlands, and the United States. A dropdown menu on the Paytomat website enables shoppers to filter through shops and restaurants to find crypto-accepting businesses in their area.

In addition to BCH, Paytomat supports over a dozen cryptocurrencies including BTC, ZEN, EOS, and ETH….

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