Paxos Grills Customer for Using a Bitcoin Mixing Service

Paxos Global has issued a stern notice to a client for reportedly using a Bitcoin mixing service. The platform has discouraged this type of activity as part of its fully compliant profile with awareness of potential money-laundering issues.

Paxos Wary of Suspicious Activity with Potential for Money-Laundering
Paxos, the issuer of the PAX stablecoin, is one of the platforms allowing a switch to fiat or crypto assets. But the platform is not anonymous, and has control over both the accounts and the tokens. Paxos Global also operates the itBit exchange, where its full compliance is also a key feature.
Today, Twitter user @RonaldMcHodled posted a message allegedly from Paxos’ team asking him to provide information on where he’d sent his BTC withdrawal. Paxos team accused RonaldMcHodled of sending his bitcoin to a mixing service, which…

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