Bitcoin Press Release: Panxora has announced a new Treasury Management Service which will not only helps ICOs survive but thrive within the current market conditions.

23rd April, 2019, London, UK The Panxora Group, a cryptocurrency consortium, today announces the launch of its ICO Treasury Management Service (TMS). The TMS helps founders manage the capital raised through token generation events to ensure that it is preserved from the volatility of cryptocurrency and can support business growth.

Recent research has shown that over half of ICOs fail within four months of their launch, often due to financial mismanagement. For young crypto companies, managing ICO capital is a daunting task. Keeping it in crypto exposes it to volatility and risks loss while converting it immediately to fiat could mean a missed opportunity to take advantage of a rising crypto market. In response, Panxora has launched the TMS to help crypto projects face the challenge of managing the funds they raise.

Gavin Smith, CEO of Panxora said:

“Too many…

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