Regulatory pressures as well as the development of third-party, intermediary and custodial services in the crypto space have been limiting the share of peer-to-peer trading. A new contender is now challenging established P2P exchanges by offering users a mobile service that allows them to determine the level of privacy they want to maintain, and use multiple payment methods including cash.

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Peer-to-Peer Exchange on the Go

Tandem is a crypto startup recognizing that the long-term success of cryptocurrencies depends on mass adoption. And while bitcoin awareness has been increasing since 2009, the company’s team remarks in a blog post on Medium, “it is still only known, trusted, and accessible to less than 1% of the global population.”

The platform hopes to support the adoption of decentralized money by combining the best principles of the crypto space and traditional finance. It has recently launched an application that allows users to buy and sell coins on a peer-to-peer basis and on…

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