As Director of Business Development for popular crypto exchange Kraken, when Dan Held speaks, people listen. As such, his recent 46-tweet diatribe on why the “payments narrative” for bitcoin is flawed grabbed the attention of many, tickling the ears of hardcore Lighting Network fans and bitcoin core maximalists alike. His argument is prima facie absurd, not to mention misleading.

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Held Says Bitcoin Wasn’t Meant Primarily for Payments

While constantly proselytizing folks about the “true meaning” of the bitcoin whitepaper is a waste of time, there comes a point where an interpretation emerges so wildly misinformed and grossly inaccurate it deserves an address. Enter Held’s recent Twitter storm.

For the purposes of this breakdown, Dan Held‘s broad assertions that bitcoin was not created to be a competitive payments system, or peer-to-peer cash, will be addressed according to his major claims.

Claim 1: Bitcoin Was Built to Be a Store of Value

Overwriting Satoshi: Kraken Exec Says Bitcoin Wasn't Built for Payments, Isn't Peer-to-Peer


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