The developer of popular mobile and web browser—Opera has recently made it known that its newly launched browser now has a built-in crypto wallet. This feature is restricted to the desktop version of the browser.

Opera Launch Reborn 3

The newly launched browser, also known has “Reborn 3,” is officially available on various app platforms dedicated to the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems.

According to Opera’s announcement, the browser will make it possible for its users to interact with Dapps and explore the blockchain world. The in-built wallet will allow users to transact without making use of extensions like Metamask.

In its bid to ensure maximum security, and maximum efficiency, the newly launched Reborn 3 browser’s in-built wallet will syncs with that of Opera’s mobile Android browser. An app which has been launched since last year.

The Oslo, Norway-based company said:

“This means wallet keys never leave the users’ smartphones,” the company said, adding: “In practice, whenever they need to…

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