Former Locke Lord Attorney Faces OneCoin Laundering Charges

OneCoin associate Mark Scott was charged with two counts of money laundering totaling $400 million. Now, one of the enablers of Crypto’s biggest scam wants the charges against him dropped.

OneCoin Aide Claims ‘Insufficient’ Evidence
Mark Scott was found guilty by a jury last November of two counts of money laundering (wire fraud and bank fraud) for OneCoin and its elusive founder Ruja Ignatova totaling $400 million.
The trial latest just three weeks and concluded quickly after compelling evidence of emails between himself and Ignatova in which the “Crypto Queen” asked him to “park” money for her for a fee–while promising her anonymity.
Yesterday, he told the Southern District of New York that the charges against him should be dropped based on “insufficient” evidence. Failing that, he argued that the court should take…

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