The crypto community spotted some massive funds movement from OKEx and got scared that the cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. However, CEO Jay Hao called for calm.

Hundreds of Millions in BTC Move From OKEx

On Wednesday, Twitter user Whale Alert sounded the alarm, saying that at least 24,000 BTC moved from OKEx to unknown wallets. The combined value of BTC transfers is over $255 million according to the current prices. Whale Alert noticed 8 Bitcoin transactions with 3,000 BTC each.

Besides, 100,000 ETH moved from OKEx to an unknown wallet, apparently in a single transaction. This is the equivalent of $17.8 million – a huge amount even for a whale.

The community started to spread rumors that OKEx might have been hacked.

Note that OKEx is one of the largest crypto exchanges in…

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