Self-proclaimed ‘Made Man’ and shameless ICO shill, Ian Balina, claimed he is thinking of becoming a Bitcoin maximalist. He made the revelation in an interview with Bloxlive TV.

Lulled Into A False Sense Of Security (Token)

Balina, a vlogger and creator of some of the most cringe-worthy crypto-related songs ever, didn’t appear to have been invited to talk about Bitcoin.

Interviewer, Layah Heilpern, initially asked about his ‘Diary Of A Made Man’ channel; How it had evolved from a simple travel blog, into one of the most popular cryptocurrency YouTube channels. At the height of ICO-mania in 2017, Balina was one of the biggest influencers in the field.

Then he explained his ‘Token Metrics’ investment strategy; Leveraging data and analytics to find patterns in investing in ICOs and cryptocurrencies. Heilpern questioned him as to what makes a really good start-up to invest in. His three key requirements: product and technology, an all-star team, and the advisers on-board. He added the actual ‘token metrics’ as an…

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